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How does Makagra work?

When chould I expect the results?

Stron and Prolonged Erection only 30 minutes after administration! Thats right, Makagra has an instant effect - 1 jelly is enough to get the desired effect only an hour after consumption. In addition to the strong erection, your penis will become much bigger: The science behind Makagra - The Graph on the left shows the physiology of erection: When a man is sexually excited, the arteries to the penis open so the blood can enter faster the penis. One of Makagrațs important actions is precisely this, resulting in a strong erection.

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Laura Austin

Associate Professor

I regularly recommend Makagra to my patients, as it is 100% efficient, all natural and has strong aphodisiac properties.

Everly Hebert


Makagra is a clinically tested and proven product on the market. For me, this formula is one of the most efficient and that's why I advise my patients to use it.

Peter Wood


The product is of proven quality. For me, every patient, who has experienced erection problems, should use Makagra.

What does Makagra contain?

Find out the ingredients of this amazing product

The best formula for male potency: 100% ERECTION

L-Arginine, Epimedium Extract (which is a part of the synergic formula for Erectile dysfunction, developed by Cupid Labs) isone of the main ingredients of Makagra. Why? Because we want to offer the best possible results for the shortest possible time.


CL Cupid Labs Blend (Patented Blend): The synergic formula developed by Cupid Labs, which is part of our product, is the strongest formula with natural herbal extracts, like Epimedium extract (Horny Goat Weed Extract 100% proven effect for erectile dysfunction, clinically tested for its strong effect on the libido), Panax Ginseng extract, Hawthorn extract, Pycnogenol - Pine Bark Extract and some other strong herbal stimulants. This product also contains L-Carnitine and L-Arginine, for whih scientists claim that it improves erection.


The active ingredient in this powerful extract - Icariin - is the most effective substance ever extracted from natural herbs. It is effective for improving the sexual power and energy.


L-Arginine is an essential amino acid, a precursor of nitric oxide. It dilates the blood vessels in the are of the genitals. The nitric oxide provides you with stronger erections and dilates the blood vessels in the penis. Nitric Oxide is an essential substance for blood circulation during erection.


Ging Seng Extract is a strong aphrodisiac, which improves erection. It contributes to overall health and provides you with energy. Ging Seng stimulates sexual desire, endurance and provides you with strong erections.


Hawthorn extract is rich in bioflavonoids, which relax and dilate the arteries, providing you with strong erections. These compounds are powerful antioxidants taht also stimulate the blood flow.

PYCNOGENOL (Pine Bark Еxtract)

Improves and maintains normal blood supply to the genitals. Studies show that Pycnogenol has a strong effect on erection, when combined with L-Arginine, without causing any side effects.


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James, LA

I had no self-confidence. I had no desire for sex, either. But thanks to Makagra Oral jell for better erection, I feel like a real man now.

Stephen, Chicago

I can't believe it. Since I started using this amazing jelly, which improves erection, I am having sex three times a day. Thank you so much!

Michael, New York

Since I've been using Makagra Oral Jelly for erection improvement, I have become a real beast in bed. I can satisfy my wife again! It's a pity I didn't know about this product years ago.

Alec, Seattle

I have tried all kinds of products, but without any results. My best friend recommended Makagra Oral Jelly. Now I recommend it to all my friends. It is really worth it!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main ingredients in Makagra?

L-Arginine, Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract), Epimedium Extract are a part of the main ingredients in the synergic formula for erection, developed by Cupid Labs.

How long will it take to see the first results?

Makagra Oral jelly works in olny 30 minutes after intake. It is easy to use: just est the content of 1 sachet 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse.

What is Makagra™?

Makagra is a dietary suppliment without prescription for strong and prolonged erection! It is developed by the leader in the production of erection products - Cupid Labs Europe.

How will I recieve my order?

You will recieve your order in 3 days after confirmation in a 100% nautral and discrete packaging. Nobody will know the contents of the package.

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